Garden Oak Holiday Lights

Last night is December 22


We feature a display of Christmas lights synchronized to holiday music

In 2012, we had 7300 traditional Christmas lights and almost 1400 LED lights outlining the house.  All of this is controlled by a computer system switching 4140 channels of electricity.

For the 2013 season, we added 14,820 channels for a total of 18,960 channels.  In terms of lights, 6,320 LED RGB lights and 7300 traditional Christmas lights.

In the 2014 season, we will came close to doubling our total light counts.

For 2015, we added another 2000 LED Pixels to the display.

The LED lights we are using are individually controlled lights.  We can make each and every LED it's own color.  As you will see in our display, we can sweep color across the house or make patterns that will be unique or impossible to most other displays that can only flash or dim the lights of the same color.


Our Display Location

Our Display is located at:
4026 Garden Oak Drive, Indian Trail, NC 28079
We are located in the Brandon Oak Subdivision

Display Dates

The lights will display from November 30, 2019 until December 22, 2019

Display Hours

School Nights 6:00 pm until 9:00 pm
All other nights 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm

 Please remember to tune your radio to 94.5 FM to hear the music.

Help us raise money for Cancer Research

We originally started to put our light show together in 2010.  It took over 2 years of planning before we would be able to turn on our first light.  While building the elements for the 2012 show, my wife and I could not decide what organization we would raise money for or even if we would collect money.  Many displays do raise money, but it did not mean we needed to.  In September 2012, the decision was made for us. I was given news that a member of my family had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  This type of cancer is not survivable, it is the most aggressive, causes more than 1% of all deaths in the US, and is one of the least funded of the major cancers.  Donations will be collected at the show in the donation box to help fund The National Foundation for Cancer Research.  If you would like to donate by Credit Card, please use the donation button located in the menu.  100% of all the money donated will go directly to them. 



We are now on Facebook

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 Funds we have raised

In 2012 we raised $589
in 2013 we raised $1262
In 2014 we raised $2704.45
In 2015 we raised $3772.82
In 2016 we raised $6175.23
In 2017 we raised $7405.95
In 2018 we raised $5,967.23