Garden Oak Holiday Lights

2019 was our last season!


A tradition that started in 2012 came to an end in 2019. We would like to thank all our fans who stopped by and viewed our display, took a moment to talk with us and those who generously donated to our cause of fighting cancer.  All together, we raised over $32,600 for the National Foundation for Cancer Research.  Well done!

 As you know, we were looking to build a new location just for our light display.  Unfortunately, when COVID hit, so did the support from the companies we were talking to.  At this time, we are not pursuing donations as we feel companies should be focusing on their employees and providing them income. 

Little did we know that 2019 really was our last year.


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 Funds we have raised

In 2012 we raised $589
in 2013 we raised $1262
In 2014 we raised $2704.45
In 2015 we raised $3772.82
In 2016 we raised $6175.23
In 2017 we raised $7405.95
In 2018 we raised $5,967.23
In 2019 we raised $4,813.00