Garden Oak Holiday Lights

Many people have asked, "Is this reason your last season?"  The answer is, Yes.  At least this is the last season at our home.  Why this is our last season is another question.  

In a very simple explanation, traffic—we have great fans.  This year we are expecting about 12,000 people to visit our display.  During the peak nights of the season, we will have cars waiting for over an hour and that requires up to 12 volunteers to help with traffic.  Finding good, responsible people to help around the holidays is a challenge. 

Our neighbors have been great supporters of the display and we could not ask anything more from them.  Some, volunteer to help direct traffic, others move their cars to better locations to allow our visitors to have open streets and clean visibility of the display, others allow us to use their driveways for our personal vehicles, others allow us to have guests stand in their yards and yet others support us by bringing us warm drinks on cold nights.

The local police have helped us with reviewing our traffic plans and allowed us to ask their advice when we have adjustments to make.  One of those special police officers who helped us was Captain Chase Coble who recently passed away.

The local town has supported us with recognizing our display and the cause we raise funds for.  They recognized us with “Citizens of the quarter” for the 4th quarter of 2018.  A huge honor.

However, the traffic issue is the primary reason.  

 In 2017, we announced that we were planning on moving the display to a new location.  Wise Acres organic farm, in Indian Trail, is allowing us to use part of their land.  Our plans are to go from the approximate 65,000 lights on our home to 1.6 million lights in the new venue.  We have been collecting donations for almost 24 months now and we have been stalled at only raising 11% of the required funds to build the new display.

So to give it one last push, we are doing a fundraiser this season.  You donation funds and if we reach our pledge goal of collect all pledges as a donation to our build fund.

If you, a family member, a friend, or your business would like to help, please go to the site below to make a donation to our 501(c)3 charity.

100% of your donation will go to build the new venue.  We continue to be a 100% volunteer organization so your donation will go a long way to making this new display possible.  

We Need Your Help to Make This Happen!