Garden Oak Holiday Lights

The following items are needed for the construction of our new Town Square:

Material Description Quantity Needed Status
Concrete for footings Approx 70 cu yds Available
Concrete Block for Foundation 1500 8x8x16 blocks Available
Mortar for block Enough for 1500 blocks Available
Framing Lumber Contact for list Available
1/2" OSB Sheathing  1100 pieces Available
Floor Sheathing 3/4" T&G  400 pieces Available
Metal roofing - 3'x16' & flashing/screws 220 pieces Available
Exterior Paint 100 Gal. Available
Interior Paint 35 Gal. Available
Display Window Glass   Donated
Concrete Siding   Donated
Gravel - 3/4" crushed 300 tons  Available 
Drywall - interior display windows 225 8' sheets  Available 
Decking boards - 16' long (5/4") 680 boards Available 
Treated 2x4x8 for Decking boards 225 pieces Available
Street Lamps - Decorative Approx 20  Available
PVC trim boards Contact for list  Available
Electrical Contact for list  Available
S60 Man Lift   Available 
20' Shipping Containers - Clean Available