Garden Oak Holiday Lights

How did you get started?
It started back in the summer of 2010 when I started researching Christmas lights.  At that moment I discovered that  LEDs had come a long way from my college days and that LEDs that are able to produce any color (RGB LEDs) are very inexpensive.  I then started to research RGB LEDs and how they work.  It would be almost 30 months before our first display.

What does RGB stand for?
RGB stands for Red, Green & Blue.  Each multi-color LED is actually made up of three LEDs; one Red, one Green and one Blue LED.  With these three colors, and varying there intensity (brightness), we are able to generate 1 of 16 million colors (Actually 16,777,216 colors).  This is the exact same way your TV generates a picture.  

Where did you get your parts and pieces?


These are purchased from a site in Hong Kong -
his year we are using three different type of LEDs:


Right Angle


Power Supplies

I currently use these 5v power supplies


I am using the J1Sys family of controllers -

I am using the following models: